Nepal Travel is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Nepal is famous for its Himalayan scenery, multiculturalism, religion, ethnic groups, diversity, temples, and monasteries. Nepal is a beautiful country with the Himalayas and diversity in nature. But this small Himalayan country is also popular for its mysterious culture, heritage, multi-ethnic and various festivals. As Nepal is famous for trekking and tour, the number of tourists coming here is increasing day by day.

Nepal is a landlocked country and surrounded by high mountains. 8 out of 14 above 8,000 meters mountains are located in Nepal Himalayas so Nepal is recognized by the Himalayan country. Cultural diversity, multi-ethnic groups, multi-religious without discrimination, temples, monasteries, top of the world, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, the tallest lake in the world, the deepest gorge in the world, nice terrace area, Waterfalls, jungle safari, low land Tarai is Nepal’s main tourist attraction.

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